About the Festival

The Dominican Global Film Festival presents a selection of the best international cinema, documentary and dramatic films. It enriches the country’s film culture and brings the seventh art to all areas of Dominican society. The Festival contributes to a greater awareness and understanding about global issues, with stories about events and people who have left their mark on our lives. It fosters and encourages the discussion of social, political and economic issues through film making.


The mission of the Festival is to bring the best international narrative and documentary film to a heterogeneous audience, and in this way advance in the knowledge of the global challenges that we face. It also seeks to contribute to an increase in the cinematographic culture in the Dominican Republic, and the interest in the development of the audiovisual industry. The FCGD is a tool that favors, among other areas, the production of local and international cinema in our country.


  • Enrich the cinematographic culture of the Dominican Republic.
  • Display a wide variety of movies to which the Dominican public usually does not have access.
  • Show films that connect with youth and at the same time expand the appreciation of cinema among young people.
  • Show films that entertain and at the same time improve our understanding of global issues.
  • Attract people from different sectors and social classes to get to know the films, and to reflect on them.
  • Bring a culture of modern cinema to schools in the Dominican Republic; use cinema in schools, as a means to understand global issues, create proposals for solutions and encourage individual opportunities.
  • Promote the Dominican Republic within the international film community, and position it as a desirable and viable alternative for the industry.
  • Use cinema to strengthen the economic development of the country.
  • Increase the visibility of the Dominican Republic before the international press.

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