Educational Activities

January 31

Talk “Cinematographic Appreciation”.

01.31.19 – 3:00 pm.

Speaker: Fiora Cruz.
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

The program “I know about cinema” provides an estimation of the cinema as a means of expression and, of course, makes known the Dominican filmography. It is developed through the talk entitled “Cinematographic Appreciation”, which will address issues of film history, photography, direction, script, editing, production design, types of plans, among others. The talk ends with the screening of a film, and its subsequent analysis.

Fiora Cruz is in charge of the Cinemateca Dominicana. She studied film and TV at the Eliseo Subiela Professional Film School (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Fiora Cruz has also done an educational and diffusion work of the cinema that she started when she led the youth cineforum of the Children’s and Juvenile Library of the Dominican Republic and that continues from its current position.

February 1

Talk “Creative writing for scripts”.

02.01.19 – 3:00 pm.

Speaker: Alejandro Normand
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

This talk allows students to have a general vision of the script as a basic tool for the realization of a cinematographic work.

Writer, filmmaker and playwright. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Art of Havana, Cuba, in the career of “Theatrology and Dramaturgy”, and the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, in the specialization of “Film Direction and TV”. Currently dedicated to writing, advice on audiovisual projects and independent production.

Actor’s Studio John Singleton.

02.01.19 – 4:00 pm.

Speaker: John Singleton
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

John Daniel Singleton es un director de cine, productor y guionista estadounidense conocido por su película “Los chicos del barrio”, largometraje por el cual fue nominado a los Oscar en las categorías mejor director y mejor guión original. Singleton fue el primer director afroamericano y el cineasta más joven de la historia en ser nominado.

Talk “Gobelins and the French animation industry”.

02.01.19 – 6:00 pm.

Speaker: Nicolas Mugnier
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

For almost 50 years, “Gobelins: L’école de l’image” has been a world reference in the fields of digital communication, interactive design and entertainment. Recognized as one of the best schools in the world, “Gobelins” offers courses in photography, animation, 3D animation, motion design and video games.

February 2

Talk “The figure of the agent in the current audiovisual industry”.

02.02.19 – 04:00 pm.

Speaker: Kaliah Garzón
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

The prestigious and professional Kaliah Garzón will talk for an hour with attendees to this talk on important topics such as: the agent as a talent collector, the link between the artist and the world of work, the agent’s work to enhance the impact of artistic talent and the construction of races.

Kaliah Garzón has her own actor representation agency, has a production Master and several script courses. She has built the career of his actors from the beginning. Among them, Rubén Cortada, Eva Ugarte and Franky Martín stand out. She has also accompanied the renowned Rossy de Palma, Iván Sánchez, Rubén Ochandiano, Vincent Pérez and Cecilia Suárez.

Actor’s Studio Grace Suberví

02.02.19 – 05:15 pm.

Speaker: Grace Suberví
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Grace Subervi, born in the Dominican Republic, is an actress, singer and television host specialized in music and international entertainment. She currently stars in the title role in DramaFever’s first original production, “Oh My Grace.” As VJ for MTV and host of FUSE and DramaFever (a Warner Bros. company), Subervi has presented and produced interviews with celebrities such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Park Bo Young, BIGBANG, Girl’s Generation, Super Junior and many more.

Workshop “Sexismógrafo”

02.03.19 – 8:00 AM
02.04.09 – 9:00 AM
02.05.19 – 9:00 AM

Speaker: Laura Astorga
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Sexismógrafo, a methodology that teaches how to measure sexism in symbolic narratives: cinema, TV and advertising. The films / series are analyzed and interpreted from the magnifying glass of the Sexismógrafo and referral alternatives are proposed.

Film director, screenwriter, producer and activist in human rights, functional diversity and feminism. She worked as a scriptwriter for television series and acting, and as a director of casting in commercials, films and series. She has been a jury in different festivals such as Berlinale, Havana, Guadalajara and Chicago. Laura Astorga is currently Jury of the Platinum Awards for Ibero-American cinema. She is currently working a broad investigation about the detection and remission of sexism in film and television, through the Sexismógrafo tool.

February 3

Talk “Distribution of films internationally”.

02.03.19 – 11:00 am.

Speaker: Germán González
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

For an hour, González will discuss with the attendees interesting topics such as the distribution of films internationally with emphasis on the Hispanic market in the United States, the promotion of films to reach the right audience, the first using the actors and protagonists, the monetization of each film benefiting the producer including tickets sales and product placement and; finally, the internationalization of Dominican films and recognition of the directors and actors of each country.

German Gonzalez, president and CEO of the international company Emax Group Corp is highly recognized in the entertainment industry with more than 20 years of experience in promotion management, marketing and advertising. Skilled and knowledgeable in event promotion, digital advertising, talent management and logistics to mention a few. Passionate to bring creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to all business endeavors.

EMAX with headquarters in Miami and offices in Mexico and Dominican Republic, offers solutions for the entertainment industry. Lead by German Gonzalez with with a group of professionals in the areas of artist management, public relations, advertising, marketing and digital platforms. As a distributor of Latin films in the United States, Emax advises and provides this sector with all management and development services, including the creation of media strategies, marketing and advertising for the promotion of each film that they exhibit in movie
theaters with the most Latin influence in the United States.

Directors Panel with Laura Astorga

02.03.19 – 02:30 pm.

Speaker: Laura Astorga
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

“Our goal is to incorporate basic respect for human rights in favor of women and thus be part of the indispensable change”.

Actor’s Studio Internacional Jessy Terrero

02.03.19 – 04:00 pm.

Speaker: Jessy Terrero
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Jessy Terrero is a Dominican director and producer with more than 20 years of experience. He is the CEO of “Giants Cinema,” a production company specializing in multicultural film, TV and branded content. Terrero is one of the most requested directors of music videos in the US and American markets, throughout his career, Terrero’s innovative music videos have been nominated for the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Music Video Awards. Jessy Terrero is the director, executive producer , nd showrunner of the Netflix drama series “Nicky Jam: The Winner”.

Charla “Desafíos de la Dirección de Arte en el cine latinoamericano reciente”.

02.03.19 – 05:00 pm.

Speaker: Inés Olmedo
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

The most recent Latin American cinema and the challenge of the construction of visual universes that identify us.

Inés Olmedo is an Art director, teacher, artist. Director of Art, since 1988 she has worked in film, television and advertising cinema.

Graduated Professor of the IPA (Uruguay), and first place in the Opposition and Merits Contest. Since 1986, she has been teaching the subject at the Film School of Uruguay, Ort University, EICTV and at his workshop in Union Latina.

February 4

Talk “Cinematographic direction”

02.04.19 – 03:00 pm.

Speaker: Alejandro Andújar
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Integrate students into the direct responsibilities of a director while preparing a film, complementing with exercises to direct actors and viewings of some classic scenes from different films.

Alejandro Andújar studied social communication and journalism. He moved to the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), where he specialized in script. In 2017, he premiered his first feature film “El hombre que cuida”. Since 2014 he is director of the International Documentary Film Festival of the Dominican Republic (RDOC).

Talk “Lights, camera … Emotion”

02.04.19 – 05:00 pm.

Speaker: Antonio Cuadri
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Show participants interesting notions of narrative, psychology and emotional structure that support and provide very important keys in the writing of the scripts, the cinematographic direction and the work of the interpreters in their work in the films. Of interest to young writers and directors in training, actresses and actors.

Antonio Cuadri is a Spanish cinema and TV writer and director with more than 25 years of experience. Some of his works: “You are my hero”, “The heart of the earth”, “Tell me how it happened” and “When leaving class”, among others.

February 5

Talk “Initiation in acting”

02.05.19 – 03:00 pm.

Speaker: Henssy Pichardo
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

For one hour the renowned actor and producer Henssy Pichardo will interact with the attendees to the talk and provide indispensable tools to students interested in acting.

Henssy Pichardo is an actor and producer. He started acting in the 90s. For his outstanding performances for theater, film and television under the supervision of outstanding national and foreign directors, he has received numerous recognitions and nominations for outstanding prizes. Some of his work in cinematographic productions can be appreciated on: “So that he does not forget”, “All men are equal”, “There is no other choice”, “Destination Unknown”, “Havana”, “Sharktopus Vs Pteracuda”, ” Biodegradable “,” I want to be faithful “, among others. In series and soap operas such as: “Paraíso”, “Condesa por amor”, “Cadena Braga”, “Trópico”, “Amor de conuco”, among others. He has been prolific in the theater, being his last performances: “Art”, “Our women”, “The drunks”, “At the foot of the Thames”, “The best hot beer in the neighborhood”, “Sex, drugs & rock-d -roll “, among others. He has participated in countless commercials, radio spots, dubbing movies and photographs. He is one of the few professionals in our country who has been able to develop and consolidate his career as a theater, radio, TV and film actor.

Chair “Making Documentaries” (ADOCINE)

05.02.19 – 06:00 pm.

Speaker: Mario Morales
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Program of “Permanent Chairs of Documentaries Máximo José Rodríguez” with the purpose of updating and guiding the young talents of the Dominican cinema, photography directors and documentalists, through a series of workshops and specialized conferences. A training space to continue cultivating the cinematographic art in current and future generations, a way to keep alive the presence and legacy of figures such as Máximo José Rodríguez.

Mario Morales is an economist, producer and documentalist. With “Les Papillons de la rue” (1999) he began his career as a producer and documentary maker. In the same year he received the prize for the best documentary at the Lille International Film Festival, France “Le Petit Théâtre de Bouvard”.

His filmography: “Sarajevo Dix ans plus tard” (2006), “Afghanistan: die Drachen fliegen” (2013), “Sold Children’s Souls” (2013), “Germany – pegida’s Shadow: The embodiment of racism against Muslim immigrants” ( 2015), “Dresden – a divided city” (2016) and “Ecuador, the diplomacy of the Citizen Revolution”, among other works.

Lecture “Behind the Glocal Cinema”.

05.02.19 – 07:00 pm.

Speaker: Carlos Cabral
Venue: UNIBE

Carlos Cabral, one of the Dominicans that we are proud of for his work in Walt Disney Animations, will be talking with different representatives of the local industry and interested in the seventh art to deepen concepts and experiences from the “local” to the “global”.

Head of Characters and Technical Animation at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Over the last twenty years, I’ve had the privilege of being a key collaborator on some of the best known Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning animated feature films.

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