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Graduated from the French Lyceum with Bac in Literature and mention. He studied French Philology at the University of Alicante from 2011 to 2015. She was accepted to enter the International School of Film and Television (EICTV) for the specialty of Script, from which she graduated in 2018. She took conducting workshops taught by Abbas Kiarostami and Pedro Costa. Julia also works as a freelance translator and has already translated a number of film scripts to both French and English (El Dia del Pez, Noli, Todos Somos Marineros, Beauty Kingdom, Candela, Liborio, Candytown). During her studies, she collaborated as an advisor in some thesis projects of her EICTV colleagues, which she has continued doing with other short and feature film projects. In 2012 she created a monographic and interdisciplinary magazine called Les Oranges Bleues, where he reflects on what it means to create today.

Kaliah Garzon

Producer and talent agent. She started in the world of fashion where she spent more than 12 years as top model in Paris, New York, Italy, France, Tokyo, etc.

After leaving the catwalks, she had the opportunity to work as a booker in the agency in which she had carried out her professional career, 8 months later she went from being the model of the agency to directing it. And from there, her interest increased in the field of film and television. Paying attention to her intuition, she became independent and created her own agency of representation, creating in most cases her own portfolio of actors and betting on new talents interpreting what the market needed. To have more tools to better develop her profession she made a Master in Production and several script courses with Pedro Loeb in the Script Factory.

Garzón has built the careers of most of her represented since the beginning; among them, Rubén Cortada, Eva Ugarte or Franky Martín, all of them are protagonists at present. Kaliah also runs the careers of Rossy de Palma, Ivan Sanchez, Ruben Ochandiano, Vincent Perez and Cecilia Suarez.



Director of the ENFOQUE International Film Festival in Puerto Rico. Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico marry to Glendalee Arroyo pf two small children Liam and Mila. His parents are Lester Rivé Vélez and mother Ruth Padilla Sanoguet, the oldest of three brothers. He was part of the United States Navy for 8 years where worked as a firefighter and military police during the events of September 11, 2001. More than 13 years of experience as a video editor and is currently a professor of the School Free of Music in Mayaguez of Film, Radio and Television. in his free time, in addition to spending time with his family, he organize community aid events, visiting hospitals and people with needs. Lester Rivé is a coffee lover, cinema and love of God.

He has been director of ENFOQUE International Film Festival for 10 years, where the participation in 2018 was of more than 65 countries with more than 1,300 films and short films. The vision of ENFOQUE is to present feature films and short films that contribute a positive way to the welfare of this society. ENFOQUE is the first and only festival in Latin America that contributes and promotes the well being of people through the power of cinematography.


Filmmaker and cinephile of birth, thanks to the influences both technical and love of the seventh art received from his father Pericles Mejía. Since he was a child he has been involved in audiovisual productions and in all kinds of cultural activities, actions that have created a passion and way of life that today are still alive.

He has worked in numerous TV commercials and documentaries, short films and Dominican feature films, both in the production, editing, camera and management areas.

For more than 7 years he has been part of the Cinemafoum team, together with Oliver Oller and Hugo Pagán, a space created to talk about cinema, where an effort is made to activate and work the cinematographic culture with visitors, thus creating a club of cinema for all lovers of this art.

Since 2013 he has been working for the Directorate General of Cinema (DGCINE), in the area of communications. He has also been part of several film festivals, as curator, jury, speaker and staff, functions that have helped enrich the industry experience.



Was born in Santo Domingo in 1980. Doctor in Medicine by profession, and writer of cinematographic reviews, he was the host of a daily radio show named “Cineasta Radio” for three years, as well as a collaborator of Cineasta print magazine since 2010 and editor/writer of the portal cocalecas.net. He gave talks on cinematographic appreciation and was part of the jury at the Miami Film Festival.

Currently, apart from the two mentioned media, he also collaborates for the Mexican websites Cultura Colectiva and SensaCine, for the digital newspaper Nota Clave and for the film section of the printed newspaper Listin Diario, both in the Dominican Republic.

Prima Opera Competition Documentary



He studied social communication and journalism. He moves to the International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), where he specializes in screenwriting. He completed a post-degree in script at the Film School of Catalonia (ESCAC). He studied the Master in script of the Audiovisual Research Foundation in Valencia, Spain.

He has been director of feature film scripts, such as “Cochochi”, winner of several film festivals. He co-wrote and was assistant director of the film “Jean Gentil” and co-writer of the film “Lotoman”. He formed the company El Balcón Producciones, SRL. He has worked in writing and consulting scripts for national projects: “Cristo Rey”, “Maria Montez”, “La extraño”, among others.

In 2017, he premiered his first feature film “El hombre que cuida”. Since 2014 he is director of the International Documentary Film Festival of the Dominican Republic (RDOC).


Born in 1967 in Matanzas, Cuba. Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art of Havana, in the career of Theater, and the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, in the specialty of Film and Television Direction.

Author: Gutiérrez Tadeo. Playwright: The children of Medea and director: A theater called desire, is also a film screenwriter.

Currently he is dedicated to writing, creating audiovisual projects and cultural agency.


Dean Luis Reyes (Cuba, 1972).

Critic, essayist and professor. Between 2007 and 2010 he served as Coordinator of the Chair of Humanities of the EICTV. He is a professor at that teaching center, as well as a critic in Canal Habana, IPS Cuba and OnCuba. Has published Against the document (Editorial Cauce, Cuba, 2005), The look under siege. The Cuban reflective documentary (Editorial Oriente, Cuba, 2012), The form made. The animation cinema (Ediciones ICAIC, La Habana, 2015) and Werner Herzog: the search for ecstatic truth (Nobuko, Buenos Aires, 2016). His texts have appeared in specialized magazines and anthologies in France, Spain, the United States, Brazil and Puerto Rico.


He was born in 1951 in Igualada, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. He began his career as a photographer of cultural events, an experience that led him to become the producer of great film directors such as Eloy de la Iglesia, Pedro Almodóvar and Bigas Luna. He later created Mallerich Film and Paco Poch Cinema, companies that produce more than thirty films, many of them awarded at international festivals. He is also a distributor of foreign films in Spain, a consultant in cultural management, a professor at the Pompeu Fabra University and director of the Master in Film Production at the Vic University.


Opera Prima Fiction Competition



Alfonso Quiñones (Cuba, 1959), poet, writer, literary translator, editor, journalist, music producer, television and film. He is director of the digital newspaper Notaclave.com.

In Moscow he studied History and Social Sciences and specialized in Culturology. He has published the books Cuarto alquilado (Editions Union, poetry, Havana, 1988) that received the David and XX Anniversary Prizes of the David Contest; And you go through the night (Editorial Letras Cubanas, Havana, 1989, poetry); The horseshoe at the door (Ediciones Unión, Havana, 1991, poetry); Poetry by Rasul Gamzatov (Editorial Arte y Literatura, Havana, 1993, literary translation); For pure love: Strange loves are possible (Editorial Estudio y Color, Medellín, Colombia, 1994, poetry); Andy Montañez: the human being and the artist (Editorial Puerto, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2002, biographical testimony); and The Book of the Forgotten (poetic anthology, National Publisher, Santo Domingo, 2012).

He has been a juror of the Dominican Global Film Festival, Fine Arts International Film Festival, The International Film Festival, all in the Dominican Republic and the Bogota Film Festival, among others.


He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Communication Sciences of the Technological Institute and Higher Education of Monterrey, State of Mexico campus. He has a specialty in film production from the New York Film Academy.

He was part of the pioneer team of live streaming in Mexico on starmedia.com. Since 2001, he joined the PREMIERE Cinema magazine and portal, of which he was Editorial Director for more than 15 years. In 2016 he coordinated the digital area of Videocine, the largest Mexican cinema distributor in Mexico and later he served as the General Content Editor of Grupo Expansión.

He has been sworn in several festivals and given talks and workshops in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Since 2014, he has been a program advisor for the Morelia International Film Festival and is currently the Editorial Director of SensaCine Mexico, part of the world’s largest network of moviegoers with presence in Germany, Brazil, France, Spain and Turkey.



Dominican. She graduated from the International Film and Television School of Cuba and has a degree in Education, Philosophy and Letters from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.

She has been playing production roles in the feature films “Lotoman 2.0”, “Lotoman”, “Cristiano de la Secreta” and “Mi Novia está de Madre”, directed by Archie López, as well as in “Jean Gentil”, directed by Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas and “Viajeros”, by Carlos Bidó. As an Assistant Director, he has worked on feature films “The Good Shepperd”, “La Fiesta del Chivo”, “Los Locos Also Piensan” and “La Cárcel de La Victoria”. She has been a teacher at the Pontificia Univ. Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), at the Univ. Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and at the Catholic University of Sto. Dgo (UCSD). She is currently Executive Producer of Panamericana de Producciones in Santo Domingo.

Fermín Cabanillas Serrano

Fermín Cabanillas Serrano, journalist, broadcaster and writer, was born in January 6th, 1970 in Minas de Riotinto (Huelva), Southern Spain. Most of his career has been developed on Radiolé Costa de la Luz, in Lepe (Huelva).

Nowadays, he is working as a journalist on the Online Media AION Sur, and also collaborates with other mass media, as Agencia EFE, eldiario.es/andalucia, Viva Sevilla, Sevilla Buenas Noticias, and El Correo de Andalucía. He is author of the books ‘Cinco Años de Cine’, about the ancient Festival Internacional de Cine Inédito de Islantilla (Huelva), and ‘La Sonrisa del Caribe’, about the trilogy of movies Lotomán, by Archie López



Born on January 1964, Huelva.

She’s a professional in education and business administration, branch in which she has been working since 2000. She works in the International University of Andalusia, in the Academic Ordering Service, in the Student Section.
María Victoria has made collaborations for TV and radio in Huelva. Also writes opinion pieces, basically about Latin America, to which she has traveled on several occasions.

She has also been part of several juries for many years in the Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva, which just turned 44 years old.

She likes reading a lot because it is a habit she saw in her mother since she was a child. She is an inveterate movie buff because her father was the summer movies projectionist.


Film producer and producer born in Loma de Cabrera, Dominican Republic. From 1986 to 1990 he studied Cinematographic Arts at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), graduating with honors CUM LAUDE.

The filmmaker and television producer later made other studies abroad: “Experimental Workshop for young writers on the forms of Narrative in Latin America”, with the Peruvian writer Alfredo Bryce Echenique at the International Film and Television School (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, in 1989. He also has a “Postgraduate in History and Aesthetics of Cinematography”, University of Valladolid, Spain, in 1995. There he presented the thesis “Body Film: Free Excesses”.


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