Fierce competition of short films of FCGD fills the rooms of Palacio del Cine


Santo Domingo, February 4, 2019) Eleven short films compete for the “Corto Global” award, which for ten years has been awarded by the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival, and the large attendance of the audience in the movie theaters was the best expectation thermometer that generates these stories in the audience.

The proposals that were selected among at least 400 subscriptions include Dominican, American, Cuban, Spanish, British and Mexican directors.

The screening of the shorts was presented by the director of the FCGD, Omar de la Cruz, who insisted on the importance of this type of cinematographic audiovisual productions for the development of the seventh art.

The competing short films are “A la deriva” by Paula Cury Melo (Dominican Republic); “Apuntes en la orilla” by Luís Alejandro Yero (Cuba); “Convicta” by Ezequiel Hernández Caba (Dominican Republic); “La EntreViú” by Maite Bonilla (United States); “Looped Love” by Alessandro Marzullo (Italy); “Madres de Luna” by Alicia Albares (Spain); “Psicolapse” by Arnau Gòdia Montesinos (Spain); “Roake” by Joan Cobos (United Kingdom); “Salam” by Claire Fowler (United States); “Tamba” by Sebastián Romero and Alejandro Pérez (Dominican Republic) and “Äni” by Miryam Igreind, Medina Martínez and David Rodriguez (Mexico).

Massive call for the premiere of the documentary “Gilbert, hero of two peoples”

The documentary “Gilbert, hero of two peoples”, directed by Pavel López and written by the journalist Euri Cabral was premiered on the fifth day of the twelfth Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (FCGD) with the presence of the film and the distinguished production team personalities such as the Minister of Defense, Rubén Paulino Sem and the director of the National Police, Ney Aldrin Bautista.

The documentary, which competes in the Prima Documentary Documentary category with “Eduardo Galeano Vagamundo” from Brazil, and the Spanish “Faraway Land”, “Pete Wete” and “Seaching for Oscar”, was screened at two of the Palace halls of the Cinema of Blue Mall and recreates the history of the Dominican and Nicaraguan patriot Gregorio Urbano Gilbert.

International Film Banquet and Fashion Film Show

The fifth day of the FCGD also contemplated the exhibition of the films “The Great Mystical Circus”, “El Piedra” -with the presence of its director Rafael Martínez and the protagonist Manuel Jose Alvarez Valdelamar-; “Eduardo Galeano: Vagamundo” -with the presence of its director Felipe Nepomuceno-; the award-winning French film “BPM” (Beats Per Minute); the Peruvian drama “Wiñaypacha”; and the recently released Uruguayan film “Porno para principiantes”.

Meanwhile, the Fashion Film Show featured the screening of the documentary “McQueen”, which follows the personal life and professional career of the extravagant fashion designer Alexander McQueen and takes a tour of his talented and daring designs, to a closer look with statements from relatives, friends and people who worked with him throughout his career. As is tradition, the show was presented by the journalist, fashion expert and documentary maker Carlos Lamarche.

FCGD bets on the training of new film professionals

Meanwhile, the educational agenda of the day included the Charla “Cinematographic Direction” by the director of the International Documentary Film Festival of the Dominican Republic (RDOC), Alejandro Andújar, with the aim of integrating students in the direct responsibilities of a director while preparing a film, complemented with exercises to direct actors and viewings of some classic scenes from different movies.

In turn, the writer and producer of Spanish cinema and television Antonio Cuadri shared with the audience in his talk “Lights, camera … Emotion” with the intention of documenting participants in interesting notions of narrative, psychology and emotional structure that support and they provide very important keys in the writing of the scripts, the cinematographic direction and the work of the interpreters in their work in the movies.

While the film director, scriptwriter, producer and activist in human rights, functional diversity (disability) and feminist Laura Astorga, gave the second day of the workshop “Sexismógrafo”, the methodology that teaches how to measure sexism in the symbolic narratives of cinema , television and advertising.


All information on the activities of the Dominican Global Film Festival is available on the web platform and the free “DRGLOBALFILMFEST” app available for iOS and Android.

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