Jessy Terrero believes RD’s Cinematographic Industry is changing for the better


(Santo Domingo, February 3, 2019) The fourth day of the twelfth Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (FCGD), which started on January 30 and will run until February 6, with the Republic of Korea as guest country, was marked , by the presence of the Dominican director and producer Jessy Terrero, who was the guest of the Actor’s Studio this Sunday, in which he shared with the public his experience of more than 20 years in the industry. Asked about the adverse conditions that Latinos have but especially the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans in the film industry, Terrero explained that, for example, in the case of his latest production, it was a battle he waged together with the writer of the series, Ari Maniel.

Terrero, director of the popular series “Nicky Jam. The winner”, considered that an important part of his success was to combat the idea in the United States that Latin audiovisual products were of low quality.

Terrero is managing director of “Giants Cinema,” a production company specializing in multicultural film, TV and branded content, and is also one of the most requested directors of music videos in the US and American markets. Throughout his career, Terrero’s innovative music videos have been nominated for the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Music Video Awards. The Dominican is the director, executive producer , nd showrunner of the Netflix drama series “Nicky Jam: The Winner”. He also criticized that in DR until some time ago the most important thing in the negotiations was how much money a film would generate and that premise has been changing because the directors have empowered themselves, are more faithful to their stories and there are more companies that want to help to make good movies.

As always the educational activities, accompany a productive day.

Sunday’s agenda started, at the Intercontinental Hotel, with the talk “Distribution of films internationally,” by the president and founder of the international company Emax Group Corp, Germán González, who addressed interesting topics such as the distribution of films at an international level with emphasis on the Hispanic market in the United States, the promotion of films to reach the indicated audience, the first using the actors and protagonists, the monetization of each film benefiting the producer including sales and product placement tickets and finally, the internationalization of Dominican films and recognition of the directors and actors of each country.

Later, in the same hotel, the film director, scriptwriter, producer and human rights activist Laura Astorga who participated with Isandra González, Grace Suberví and Julissa Rumaldo in a panel in which she discussed the need to incorporate basic respect for human rights in favor of women and thus be part of the indispensable change.

A first level card, which swept the Goya Awards

As in every day, at the Blue Mall Cinema Palace, it was the stage of the Festival, which exhibited a select list of films, which this time featured Cold War, the Goya 2019 winning film for best European film, the Polish film of Pawel Pawlikowski that already swept the European Film Awards and has three nominations for the next Oscars. Also “The Kingdom”, the portrait of the political corruption of Rodrigo Sorogoyen, has devastated the Goya by taking 7 awards, among them the best direction and leading actor (Antonio de la Torre) and also in our billboard Generation: Buñuel, Lorca, Dalí, The Day After, The Best Summer Of My Life, Sunday, My Best Friend, Hostages, Forbidden flights, The Third Murder, Searching For Oscar and My foolish heart. And in a remarkable way, a posthumous tribute was paid to Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto López, showing the feature film Prohibited Flights.

During the FCGD, which this year celebrates its twelfth edition, more than 80 films will be exhibited that show the diversity of world cinema and, in addition, selected projects in the V Co-production Market RD-Puerto Rico-Cuba, a space for negotiation with partners potentials of the content industry for the creation of products. Also, the projects selected in the V Dominican Film Lab.


All information on the activities of the Dominican Global Film Festival is available on the web platform and the free “DRGLOBALFILMFEST” app available for iOS and Android.

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