A young plastic artist from a remote town, who succeeds in her work called “The Nameless Faces”, which she never signs because, according to her, she feels in her heart that none of her paintings are finished yet.


Dominican Republic (2018)

Spanish | 101 min | Feature | Drama

Opera Prima FICTION (In Competition)


Executive Producer – Miguel Angel Muñiz

Producers – Tatiana Calcaño

Screenplay – Luis Cepeda

Cinematography  Frankie Báez

Editing – Luís Cepeda, Arturo Báez

Music  – José Torres

Sound – Jonás Rodríguez

Cast – Christian Álvarez, Francis Cruz, Stephany Liriano, Uxio Liz, Olga Consuegra


Luis Cepeda is a Dominican filmmaker who has played in different roles in the industry. In 2015 he worked on the visual effects of the short film “American Terror”; in 2018, he participated as editor of the documentary “Cacú: un cambio por la vida”. “Colors” is his first fiction feature film.

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