Eduardo Galeano Vagamundo



Texts of the book Vagamundo y otros relatos, filmed in black and white, interpreted by prominent figures of culture, friends of Galeano at the time. In this work there is an extensive television interview with Galeano, in 2009.


Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal  (2018)

Spanish / Sub: (Portuguese)

71 min | Feature (NC-17) | Documentary

Opera Prima Documentary


Executive Producer – Tereza Alvarez

 Producers – Tereza Alvarez

 Screenplay – Eduardo Galeano, Ricardo Darín, Paulo José, Mia Couto, Joaquín Sabina

Cinematography –   Lula Carvalho, Guga Millet, Pedro von Krüger

Editing – Felipe Nepomuceno

Music  – Pedro Onetto

Cast – Walter Carvalho, Ricardo Darín, Paulo José, João Miguel, Joaquín Sabina


Felipe Nepomuceno (São Paulo, 1975). He studied at the Lage Park School of Visual Arts at the New York School of Visual Arts. He was a student of Andrew Moore, Jorge Furtado, Jose Ramon Bas and Robert Mckee.


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