Gilbert, Hero of Two Countries



“Gilbert, hero of two countries” is a dramatized documentary that narrates the life and actions of this Dominican and Nicaraguan hero, who when he was only 17 years old faced the invading US troops of the Dominican Republic in 1916.


Dominican Republic

Spanish / Sub: (English)

93 min | Documentary

Opera Prima Documentary


Executive Producer – Señalestv y Bellaju Productions

Producers – Zinayda Rodriguez, Euri Cabral

Screenplay – Euri Cabral

Cinematography – Julio Frías

Editing – Elvira Almonte

Music – Janina Rosado

Sound – Juan José Sánchez Pérez

Cast – Teo Terrero), Ramon Candelario, Moisés Vicent, Deysi Alexis Cruz William, Manuel Chapusseux, Victor Checo, Margarita Jiménez, Miguel Susana

Pavel López

He is a producer and director of audiovisuals, has created from television programs, information capsules, commercials, infomercials, short films and documentaries.


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