Lavinia, Carla and Danila have just finished high school and are leaving together for a vacation on a sailboat. Alone with their mobile phones and the skipper, they sail along the Croatian coastline, full of dreams, freedom and carefreeness. They are unaware that by sharing it all on social media, they will turn the trip into a brutal rite of passage to adulthood after which nothing, especially their friendship, will ever be the same.


Italy, Croatia  (2018)

Italian, Coratian, English / Sub: (Spanish)

82 min  | Drama

Global Beat


Executive Producer – Ines Vasiljevic

Producers – Ines Vasiljevic, Nicola Lusuardi, Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli, Fabrizio Donvito

Screenplay – Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

Cinematography – Gianfilippo Corticelli

Editing – Alice Roffinengo

Music – Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

Sound – Paolo Giuliani

Cast – Denise Tantucci,  Angela Fontana, Blu Yoshimi,  Goran Markovic, Caroline Pavone, Guglielmo Pinelli

Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

Born in Rome, Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli is an Italian film director, screenwriter and film producer. He began his artistic career as a musician, alternating from the very beginning musical and film studies. His first feature film, “Last Summer”, is a project with a strong international flavour. Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli’s latest feature is titled “Likemeback”.


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