Looped Love


Marco is the background actor in a movie that continuously repeats itself. After seeing the protagonist, Rachel, pass through his frame infinite times, he falls in love with her. He will do anything to win her over, despite the fact that a love story between the two seems impossible.


Italy (2018)

Spanish, English / Sub: ()

11 min| Short (NC-17)| Fiction

Global Short Competition


Executive Producer – Alessandro Marzullo, Marina Ruggiero

Producers – Marina Ruggiero

Screenplay – Alessandro Marzullo

Cinematography –   Rocco Marra

Editing – Stefano Matacchione

Music – Antonio Barbera, Alessandro Marzullo

Sound – Simone Mungiello

Cast – Diane Fleri, Riccardo Giacomini, Emanuela Rossi


Alessandro Marzullo, is an italian director, writer and producer known for Looped Love and the web show Branding Love, the first show of Sapienza University of Rome.


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