Mothers of Luna


“Mothers of Luna” is a short film of crossed stories. Four women, of different places in the world, are united by the voice of a very special baby: the little girl that was not able to be born of them, but who lived in their tummies. She narrates her past lives while struggles for her primary goal: to be born.


Spain (2018)

Spanish | 15 min | Short (NC-17)

Fiction | Global Short Competition


Producers – Al Díaz

Screenplay – Alicia Albares

Cinematography –  Miguel Ángel Viñas

Editing – Raquel Sánchez

Music – Ginés Carrión

Sound – Arman Ciudad, Roberto Fernández

Cast – Ingrid Rubio, Ramiro Blas, Eric Francés, Monika Kowalska, Yolanda Sey, Irene Virgüez


Alicia Albares (Madrid 1984). From an early age she was an avid reader and soon began to write. His incursions into the literary world brought him numerous awards. Currently, she combines the direction of short films with the management of the distributor YAQ Distribución.


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