Our story revolves around the obsession of young people for fame and celebrity. Eldon Roake, who likes to be known only as ‘Roake’, is a photographer of great renown and aggressive language. Only one picture of him will catapult a star finder to the top of the “A” list, but it has a terrible cost. “


United Kingdom (2017)

English / Sub: Spanish| 11 min

Feature (PG 13) | Terror

Global Short Competition


Executive Producer –  John Jessup

Producers –Laura Martin

Screenplay – Joel Jessup

Cinematography –  Juan González Guerrero

Editing – Andy Sowerby

Music – Miguel Angel Aquillo                   

Sound – Lawrence Kendrick

Cast – Ronan Vibert, Fleurine Wolstenholme, Jemma Jessup, Chrissy Gallon, Sam Landon, San Rao, Georgie Wilkins y Joe Hockey

Joan Cobos

Joan Cobos was born in Spain, he has directed several short films “Roake” (2017); “Instructions to cry (2011) and” Difficulties “(2009)


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