Searching For Oscar



Óscar is a film critic, President of the Spanish Association of the Cinematic Press. Óscar has a very peculiar method to write his critics, it is not necessary to see the films, it is enough to analyze them through the poster.


Spain (2018) |

Spanish | 73 min | Feature (PG 13)


Opera Prima Documentary


Executive Producer – Octavio Guerra, Elisa Torres

Producers – Elisa Torres

Screenplay – Octavio Guerra

Cinematography    Víctor Montoya Casaña

Editing – Octavio Guerra, Abián Molina

 Sound – Octavio Guerra

Cast – Oscar Peyrou Decoud

Octavio Guerra

Degree in Journalism in Valencia. He is the director of Docu-reality “Acción Directa” for La 2 de TVE. He directed the short films “En Doble Fila” “Details” “The Machine of the Russians” and “Sacristán”. His first feature film non-fiction “Agua Bendita” has received several international awards and has been selected in more than 50 international festivals and screened in 23 countries. Director and producer of his second feature-length documentary film “En busca del Óscar” and prepare the production of the fiction feature film “Fotos que nunca hice”.


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