The Chambermaid


Eve is a young cameraman who works in one of the most luxurious hotels in Mexico City. The long and laborious days make Eve unable to take care of her son while she works, but she is convinced that her situation will improve when she is promoted to a better position.


México (2018)

Spanish | 102 min | Feature (PG 13) | Drama

Opera Prima FICTION (In Competition)


Executive Producer – Pau Brunet, Jana Diaz Juhl

Producers Tatiana Graullera

Screenplay – Lila Aviles, Juan Carlos Márquez

Cinematography  Carlos Rossini

Editing – Omar Guzmán

Sound – Guido Berenblum

Cast – Gabriela Cartol,  Teresa Sánchez

Lila Avilés

Lila Avilés was born in Mexico and has worked as a film, television, and stage actor. Her directing credits include the documentary “Nena” (17) and “The Chambermaid” (18), her debut fiction feature.


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