FUNGLODE in the Visual Arts

Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), in the Dominican Republic, is a think tank with strategic initiatives that seek to lead to reflection, analysis and the debate of ideas.
FUNGLODE formulates proposals through which the actors of Dominican society, analyze global situations and suggest policies for the integration of the country in the global system. FUNGLODE promotes democratic governance, the rule of law, and sustainable development, based on the plurality of ideas that we extend to all areas of human knowledge. All our actions are inspired by a broad vision of integral growth.
Based on these parameters of global order, FUNGLODE maintains cooperation agreements with prestigious organizations throughout the Caribbean, South America, the United States, Africa, and Europe, involving a constant traffic of knowledge supplied by specialists from four continents. The results come to the beneficiaries in the form of scholarships, training and internship programs. These ties to hundreds of academic institutions worldwide contribute to the institutional strengthening of FUNGLODE.

For several years now, the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) has promoted the development of the film industry and audiovisual arts in general in the Dominican Republic. It is with this objective that the Global Media Arts Institute (IGM) and the Global Film Festival (FCG) were created.

One of the goals of the FCG is to garner resources that will allow FUNGLODE to continue to develop the work plan laid out by the IGM, with the vision of being a fundamental element in the development of the Dominican cinema and audiovisual industries with an excellent multimedia training and education center for young talent as well as for experienced professionals. Over the course of the year, IGM offers regular courses from beginner and intermediate to advanced levels. It also organizes cultural activities that promote a better understanding of cinema and the audiovisual arts through the use of film screenings, discussion panels, dissertations with actors and technicians, among other activities.

The mission of FUNGLODE is to contribute to the social, economic and democratic development of the Dominican Republic. At the same time, the Global Media Arts Institute and the Global Film Festival seek to benefit young Dominicans, raising their consciousness, proposing solutions to pressing social problems and disseminating concepts of individual creativity and opportunity. The Institute and the Festival also seek to promote the development of the Dominican film industry, pointing out the possibilities the country has to offer the international film industry and, through the development of this sector, to ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the nation.

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