Dominican Republic Global Film Festival opts for quality films and international guests of impact in its 12th edition


(Santo Domingo, January 22, 2019) -. The twelfth edition of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (FCGD), which will be held from January 30 to February 6, 2019, and which has the Republic of Korea as the guest of honor, will have a broad agenda that includes more than 80 movies that show the diversity of world cinema.

The festival begins with the film “Como si fuera la primera vez” of Mexican director Mauricio Valle, which was filmed in the Dominican Republic with the support of the movie incentive law in a production of Sony Pictures International Productions and Lantica Media. In this world premiere, we will have the presence of its actors Ximena Romo, Paco Ruedas and Alejandro Camacho, as well as its director Mauricio Valle.

Among the special guests that will gather at the Festival this year is the Spanish jurist Baltazar Garzón who, in turn, is one of the protagonists of the documentary “The Code” part of the FCGD programming; also will arrive in Santo Domingo to join the party #TamoEnCine the renowned producer and American director Brett Ratner (The Revenant, Black Mass, Truth); the American director John Singleton (The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious: Full Gas 2) and Jesse Terrero, the renowned Dominican filmmaker who has triumphed in the United States, especially with his recent series “Nicky Jam: The winner” , which debuted on Netflix at the end of 2018.

Omar de la Cruz, director of the FCGD, expressed his confidence in the large billboard that will be screened for eight days at the Blue Mall’s Palacio del Cine, “As part of the selection of films by the team of curators of the Festival, at least twenty films stand out who have competed in the Cannes Film Festival, four of the five films that were selected to compete in the Oscar Awards for best non-English speaking film; and, five luxury films that represent the country of honor: the Republic of Korea. ”

De la Cruz thanked the sponsors of the event and the members of the industry. He emphasized that “all information on the activities and screenings of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival are available on the web platform and the free” DRGLOBALFILMFEST “application available for iOS and Android.”

The Dominican Global Film Festival will again have three categories in the competition: First Fiction Opera, Documentary Prima and Global Short.

In the First Fiction Competition, which includes the best international cinematic films with the aim of projecting new talent and bringing these works to the public, they compete A Family Submerged (Argentina), Cages (Spain), Colors (Dominican Republic), Eternity (Peru) ), Trip to the room of a mother (Spain), Marilyn (Argentina), Miriam Miente (Dominican Republic), My Best Friend (Argentina), La Camarista (Mexico), and El Piedra (Colombia).

De la Cruz explained that starting this year the Opera Prima Prima Documentary will be called “Fernando Baez”, as a posthumous tribute to the outstanding Dominican filmmaker. In this category, the films Eduardo Galeano Vagamundo (Brazil), Faraway Land (Spain), Gilbert, hero of two towns (Dominican Republic), Pete Wete (Spain) and Seaching for Oscar (Spain) compete.

Meanwhile, in the “Corto Global” competition section, we have A la Deriva (Dominican Republic), ANI (Mexico), Convicta (Dominican Republic), Looped Love (Italy), Madres de Luna (Spain), Notes on the Shore (Cuba) ), Psicolapse (Spain), Roake (United Kingdom), Salam (United States, Tamba (Dominican Republic) and La Entreviú (United States).

During the cinematographic event, the V RD-Puerto Rico-Cuba Co-production Market will be developed, in which the creators of eleven previously-selected film projects will be able to establish alliances, generate agreements with production houses and share experiences to strengthen Caribbean cinema.

Also, as is tradition, the Festival will have the V Dominican Film Lab in which the projects Calle sin nombre (Analuz Zayas), Hasta el último papelito (Carla Valdés León, Cuba), Ixchel (Carolina Arias, Costa Rica), Corona of thorns (Dulcita Lieggi), Monte and Culebra (Génesis Valenzuela) and La otra lucha (Hans García), The Exile of the Atlantes (Jeissy Trompiz, Venezuela), Ace de Oro (Layssa Bencosme), The Last Chuin (Luis Rodríguez) , The journey of the Whale (Manuel Paulino), Faceless Tradition (Marthaloidys Guerrero) and Protocol (Pablo Lozano) will receive advice from an important group of international experts.

The festival is sponsored by Claro Video, DGCINE, Distribuidora Corripio, Palacio del Cine, Banco BHD León, Procomunicaciones, Sigma Petroleum Corporation, Aeromexico, Cap Cana, Telesistema, Plaza Lama, Telemicro, Julietta Beauty Supply, LM Constructora, Tiendas Katia, Tony BOGA, Burger King, The Willbes & Co., Ltd, Digital 15, IGlobal, La 91, Panamericana Films y Telemicro Internacional.

Likewise, Jet Set Club, Zol 106, Emax Group Corp, Bocatips, Capuccino, Diario Libre, El Nacional, Eventival, Ibermedia, Jorge Mochón Academy, Krispy Kreme, Listín Diario, Ministerio de Cultura, Ministerio de Educación (Minerd), Ministerio de Educación Superior Ciencia y Tecnología (Mescyt), Movibeta y Papa John’s.

In addition to the del Periódico Hoy, Revista Global, Sala de Espera, Teatro Nacional, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, Escuela Altos de Chavón, Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, Universidad Iberoamericana, Germany Embassy, United Kingdom Embassy, España Embassy-AECI, EE.UU Embassy, Centro Franklin, Republic of Korea Embassy and Mexico Embassy.

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