FCGD accompanies universities that promote cinema among their academic offers


(Santo Domingo, February 5, 2019) The twelfth Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (FCGD), which this year has had the Republic of Korea as its guest country, participated in the official launch of the mentions of UNIBE Cinema as part of its offer for Communication students.

In an act that was carried out in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts of UNIBE and which was attended by prominent personalities such as the rector of UNIBE, Julio Amado Castaños Guzmán; Omar de la Cruz, director of the Dominican Global Film Festival and Carlos Cabral, director of characters and technical animation of Walt Disney Animation, explained the motivations that gave impetus to the mentions “Audiovisual” and “Interior Design” were incorporated into the academic proposal of this prestigious university.

Cabral, who is part of the interesting group of guests of the FCGD and was recognized at the Inaugural Gala as National Pride of the Cinema with the Camilo Carrau Prize said that he never thought he could get to Disney Animation and that he had to take several careers to achieve it, that were not directly related to cinematography, so he valued the importance of these new mentions in the Dominican academy.

Omar de la Cruz, director of the FCGD, insisted on the educational role that must have and sustain the festivals for the training of new filmmakers and invited all the students present to go massively to the activities that year by year are advanced from the platform of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival. “I, who am a graduate of this university in the engineering career, can tell you that you do not know the challenges that professional life poses for you. So here they see an engineer dedicated to cinema and the film industry has new talents prepared and put the name of the Dominican Republic on high, as we see today Carlos Cabral.

Industry professionals and students energize the FCGD

The agenda for this Tuesday began at the Intercontinental Hotel with the talk “Initiation in action”, by the renowned actor and producer Henssy Pichardo, who interacted with those present and provided indispensable tools to students interested in acting. Throughout his career, Pichardo has participated in film productions such as: “So that he does not forget”, “All men are equal”, “There is no choice”, “Destination Unknown”, “Havana”, “Sharktopus Vs Pteracuda “,” Biodegradable “,” I want to be faithful “, among others.

The educational proposal continued with “Permanent Chairs of Documentaries”, given by the economist, producer and documentalist Mario Morales. This initiative, also coordinated by ADOCINE, was organized with the purpose of updating and guiding the young talents of the Dominican cinema, directors of photography and documentalists, through a series of workshops and specialized conferences, and as a way to keep alive the presence and legacy of figures such as Máximo José Rodríguez, renowned director, photographer and Dominican publicist.

For its part, the director of the film, screenwriter, producer, and activist in human rights, functional diversity (disability) and feminist Laura Astorga, gave the second round of the workshop “Sexismógrafo”, the methodology that teaches how to measure sexism in symbolic narratives: cinema, TV, and advertising.

Screenings night at the Blue Mall Cinema Palace

The billboard that was exhibited on Tuesday as the prelude to the last day of the twelfth edition of the FCGD was made up of ten films that allowed the audience to connect with the most innovative proposals of international independent cinema.

The films exhibited were “Marilyn” (Argentina), “The Captain” (Germany), “Climax” (France), “Journey to the Room of a Mother” (Spain) that counted with the participation of its director Celia Rico, “Pete Wete “(Spain) presented by its director Paco Salvatierra; the awarded ones “Cold War”, “Carmen and Lola”, “Burning”, besides the Latin American “The Father Of My Children” and “Summer Birds”.


All information on the activities of the Dominican Global Film Festival is available on the tamoencine.org web platform and the free “DRGLOBALFILMFEST” app available for iOS and Android.

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