Inauguration of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival highlights Korean culture and exalts Creole and international talents


(Santo Domingo, January 30) Santo Domingo is once again the venue for the seventh art by the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (FCGD), the most important film event in the Caribbean, which this year celebrates its twelfth anniversary with the Republic of Korea as the guest country of honor.

The Festival, which will run until February 6, was inaugurated tonight during a gala at the Carlos Piantini hall of the National Theater, where the world premiere of the film “Como si fuera la primera vez” by the Mexican director Mauricio was presented Valle and that was filmed in the Dominican Republic with the support of the film incentive law in a production of Sony Pictures International Productions and Lantica Media.

In the event, produced by Pinky Pintor, the Korean culture was honored with the presentation of a musical group from the Asian country, as well as the performance of children who recreated the traditional Dance of the fans with the emblematic song “Arirang” while projecting images of the main fifty films of the cinema of the Republic of Korea.

As it had been announced, the production contemplated a posthumous tribute to the outstanding Dominican filmmaker Fernando Báez, whose name will designate, starting this year, the First Documentary Competition. An emotional video, made by Frank Báez, son of the director, touched those present at the opening gala.

Among the special guests who attended the opening were acknowledged the American actor Vin Diesel, known for the performance of Dominic Toretto in the film saga The Fast and the Furious and the role of Richard B. Riddick in the trilogy The Chronicles of Riddick; also the American director John Singleton (The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious: Full Gas 2), and the renowned Dominican filmmaker Jessy Terrero, who has triumphed in the United States, especially with his recent series “Nicky Jam: El winner “, which premiered on Netflix at the end of 2018. Mexican actors Ximena Romo, Paco Ruedas and the director of the opening film, Mauricio Valle, were also there.

They were also honored, the veteran artist of the 3D animation and graphics industry and current head of animation and technical animation of Walt Disney, Carlos Cabral, born in the United States but raised in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Korean writer and journalist Mina Sohn, who visits the country for the first time and accompanies the prominent Korean delegation at the event. Also among the special guests that were recognized this year by the Festival is the Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzón who, in turn, is one of the protagonists of the documentary The Code, which is part of the FCGD programming.

The FCGD recognized during the gala the BHD León bank for its contributions to the local film industry. The event also served to put into circulation the book “La Sonrisa del Caribe” by Fermín Cabanillas Serrano, which reviews the history of Lotoman, the popular Dominican film trilogy and undoubtedly the most successful in the Caribbean.

The acknowledgments were delivered by the FCGD president, Leonel Fernández; the chairman of the Festival Committee; Manuel Corripio; the executive director of the Festival; Omar de la Cruz; the Minister of Culture, Eduardo Selman, the head of the Directorate General of Cinema (DGCINE), Yvette Marichal; the ambassador of Korea, Byung-Yun Kim; and the executive director of the Global Democracy and Development Foundation (Funglode), Marco Herrera.

The twelfth edition of the FCGD, will take place at the Blue Mall Cinema Palace and will have an extensive agenda that includes more than 80 films, including feature films, shorts, and documentaries, which show the diversity of world cinema.

Tickets to the festival will be courtesy of Palacio del Cine, so the public will only have to pick them up at the ticket office.

All information on the activities of the Dominican Global Film Festival is available on the web platform and the free “DRGLOBALFILMFEST” app available for iOS and Android.

The festival is sponsored by Claro Video, Dgcine, Distribuidora Corripio, Palacio del Cine, Procomunicaciones, Sigma Petroleum Corporation, Aeromexico, Cap Cana, Telesistema, Plaza Lama, Telemicro, Julietta Beauty Supply, LM Constructora, Tiendas Katia, Tony BOGA, Burger King, The Willbes & Co., Ltd, Digital 15, IGlobal, La 91, Panamericana Films y Telemicro Internacional.

Also,Jet Set Club, Zol 106, Emax Group Corp, Bocatips, Capuccino, Diario Libre, El Nacional, Eventival, Ibermedia, Jorge Mochón Academy, Krispy Kreme, Listín Diario, Ministerio de Cultura, Ministerio de Educación (Minerd), Ministerio de Educación Superior Ciencia y Tecnología (Mescyt), Movibeta y Papa John’s.

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