Barcelona 1714


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Agnès is a young woman who tries to survive in a city at war. Her youth and desire to live lead her to try to flee the city, a fact that the man she loves, Jan, an officer dedicated body and soul to the defense of her land, cannot understand.


Year: 2019

Runtime: 124 min

Category: (PG-13) Genre: Period/Historical

Language: Catalan

Subtitles: English

Country: Spain


Director(s): Anna M. Bofarull

Producer(s): Marian Matachana

Cast: Alba Brunet, Bernat Quintana, Juanjo Puigcorbé, Álex Casanovas, Francesc Garrido, Mercè Rovira

Contact(s): Kaboga

Anna Bofarull

Screenwriter and film director, “Sonata para cello” is her first feature film. She has a degree in humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University and a degree in cinematographic direction from CECC (Barcelona). She completed her film studies in Paris. After starting in the world of cinema with the short films “A las alambradas” and Pasajes, in 2009 he premiered his first documentary feature “Footnotes”, awarded at the Reykjavik International Film Festival. In 2011 he premieres “Hammada”, a documentary screened at several festivals. He has also written and directed the documentary “Expeditions”.


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