Cachada: The opportunity



Five Salvadoran women, street vendors and single mothers, form a theater company and accept the challenge of making a play about their own life stories. What began as an experiment became their only opportunity to transform their lives, but will they be able to face their past and overcome their fears, traumas and secrets? Filmed for more than a year and a half, this observational documentary is witness to the process of creating their work, in which they will discover themselves as victims and perpetrators and will realize that they have educated their children without overcoming the pain of the past. The cycle of violence is perverse, but the strength of the theater is more powerful.


Year: 2019

Runtime: 81 min

Category: (PG-13)

Genre: Documentary

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Country: El Salvador


Director(s): Marlén Viñayo

Producer(s): Marlén Viñayo, André Guttfreund

Cast: Egly Larreynaga, Magdalena Henríquez, Magaly Lemus, Evelyn Chileno, Wendy Henríquez, Ruth H. Vega

Contact(s): Marlén Viñayo

Marlén Viñayo

Marlén Viñayo (León, Spain, 1987) graduated in 2011 in Audiovisual Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid and in 2012 she studied a Master in Documentary Cinema and Society at the ESCAC (Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia). In 2008 Viñayo began her professional career and since then she has worked in different film, television and advertising producers in Spain, USA. and El Salvador, where she has served as director, producer and screenwriter. Among her works as a producer are the documentaries for television: “Separated: Children at the Border (PBS Frontline)”, “The Gang Crackdown” (PBS Frontline) and “Remembering Archbishop Oscar Romero” (Americas now, CCTV). She has directed the documentary short films “Voces en el pared”, “The good teachers” and “Tell what” and was a screenwriter for the advertising campaign “I give the face for them (UNFPA)” and assistant director and director of photography at the documentary feature “La senyora que feia senyors” (The lady who made gentlemen), selected in several national and international festivals such as Miradocs Barcelona and États Généraux Du Film Documentaire (Lussas, France) and broadcast on TV3 Catalonia (Spain). She lives in El Salvador since 2013, where she founded the production company La Jaula Abierta, specialized in documentary productions. “Cachada” is her first documentary feature film as director.


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