Absence dossier


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Moraima, an adopted baby. At the age of 11, her parents are separated and her mother confesses that she was adopted by very poor parents. Moraima wants to meet her biological parents. The mother returns her to her parents. Thanks to this case the bill of Children in the Dominican Republic was created.


Year: 2018

Runtime: 80 min

Category: (PG-13)

Genre: Drama

Language: Spanish


Country: Dominican Republic


Director(s): Rolando Díaz

Producer(s): Alfonso Quiñones

Reparto: Judith Rodríguez, Moraima Laseter Guzmán, Josefina Navarro, Nuria Piera, Victoria Pérez, Pedro Trinidad

Contact(s): Alfonso Quiñones

Rolando Díaz

Rolando Díaz (Havana, August 13, 1947) is a Cuban film director and screenwriter. A large part of his work is linked to the ICAIC Latin American News and the rise of the Cuban documentary during the eighties at the ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry). He debuted as a director in the fiction feature “The birds shooting at the shotgun”.


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