The goya murders


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A mysterious serial killer terrorises the wealthy class of the city, choosing his victims among art collectors and using their bodies to reproduce scenes from a famous series of drawings by Goya. Carmen, a veteran detective fed up with her life, and Eva, her young and idealistic assistant, must hunt down a meticulous assassin who has left no tracks.


Year: 2019

Runtime: 97 min

Category: (NC-17)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Language: Spanish


Country: Spain


Director(s): Gerardo Herrero

Producer(s): Gerardo Herrero

Reparto: Maribel Verdú, Aura Garrido, Roberto Alamo

Contacto(s): Latido Films

Gerardo Herrero

Gerardo Herrero (Madrid, January 28, 1953) is a Spanish film director, screenwriter and film producer known for “El secreto de sus ojos” (2009), “Territorio comanche” (1997) and “Heroína” (2005).


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