Until the edge of the world


The five-year-old Flo cannot understand the condition that her father is in. Her mother explains: “He is with us but also far away at the same time”. This description sparks the child’s creativity, as she begins to imagine her father embarking on a journey far away, into the vastness of space.


Year: 2019

Runtime: 84 min

Category: (NC-17)

Genre: Drama

Language: German


Country: Germany


Director(s): Daniel Bertram

Producer(s): Daniel Bertram

Cast: Lisa Hagmeister, Alicia Valencia Pollex, Günther Harder, Beatrice Frey, Hendrik Massute, Rebecca Klingenberg, Anne Rohde, Tanja Kübler, Johanna Linden

Contact(s): Media Luna New Films Ug

Daniel Bertram

At the age of 20, Daniel Bertram directed the Anti-Racism-Spot for the Soccer World-Cup 2006 with national team players from Germany, USA and Albania. His Social-Spots were broadcasted in more than 70 countries worldwide. “Until the Edge of the World” is his debut film and diploma film at the University of Applied Science and Arts, Hannover.


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