Homo Botanicus



Botanist Julio Betancur and his disciple, the young Cristian Castro, return again to the Colombian tropical forests to once again explore their passion for nature. Through the lens of Director Guillermo Quintero, Julio’s alumnus, we will travel in the middle of a delirious expedition that will lead us to understand the strength of his friendship and the importance of his legacy. In the diverse and almost infinite world of the tropics we will lose ourselves with them in the time of the jungle. Homobotanicus What is the meaning of collecting plants forever?


Year: 2018

Runtime: 88 min

Rating: (G)

Genre: Adventure, Nature

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English, French, Italian

Country: Colombia, France


Director(s): Guillermo Quintero

Producer(s): Guillermo Quintero, Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun, Nicolás Van Hemelryck

Cast: Julio Betancur, Cristian Castro, Guillermo Quintero (Narrator)

Contact(s): Guillermo Quintero

Guillermo Quintero

Guillermo Quintero (Colombia) studied biology at the National University of Colombia (2004). He worked for three years as a report camera for the RCN and NTN24 channels in Paris. He is a member of the association El Perro que Ladra, a group that promotes Colombian and Latin American cinema in France, there for 4 years he has been part of the committee as curator of the selection of Panorama of Colombian Cinema in Paris. He is currently preparing his second film called Rio Rojo, a Franco-Colombian production, which has been supported by the CNC in France. “Homo botanicus” (2018) is his debut opera.


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