Plastic island


An overview on the problem of waste management in the Dominican Republic, more specifically plastics.


Year: 2018

Runtime: 70 min

Category: (PG)

Genre: Environmental, Documentary

Language: Spanish


Country: Dominican Republic


Director(s): José María Cabral

Producer(s): Gilberto Morillo, Nashla Bogaert, David Maler

Cast: Circe Almánzar, Carlos Arias, Nelson Bautista, Nashla Bogaert, José María Cabral

Contacto(s): Cacique Films

José María Cabral

José María Cabral is a Dominican film director, screenwriter, and producer. Cabral started making films when he was 16 years old, making private screenings of short films to family and friends in local movie theaters, one of them “Excexos” got national distribution in 2008. His first commercial feature film, “Jaque Mate” (2012), was screened at a high number of film festivals and selected as the Dominican entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar award at the 85th Academy Awards.


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