Boy meets gun


When the bored out evolutionary biology professor Maarten Moreau gets caught up in a robbery, he accidentally gets hold of the weapon. Seized by a renewed appetite for life, Maarten decides to keep the gun. A true romance blossoms between the boy and the gun, not without consequences.


Year: 2019

Runtime: 84 min

Category: (NC-17)

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Language: Dutch


Country: Netherlands


Director(s): Joost Van Hezik

Producer(s): Pieter Kuijpers, Sander Van Meurs, Iris Otten, Layla Meijman, Martien Viletman

Cast: Eelco Smits, Victor Ijdens, Mara Van Vlijmen

Contact(s): Media Luna New Films Ug

Joost Van Hezik

Joost van Hezik (1982) graduated in 2010 as a director from the Amsterdam Theatre School. While working as a repertoire theatre director, he decided to further school himself in the art of cinema. He made his first steps in film directing with the absurd and surreal drama series “TreurTeeVee” (WeepTeeVee). In 2017 he directed the short film “The Funeral of The Shy” and has now moved his focus completely to film.


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