Mosh, Geronimo and Laura, are three family members that have to rediscover their relationship with each other and with god in the harsh, magical and colorful reality of the Dominican Republic.


Year: 2020

Runtime: 98 min

Category: (PG-13)

Genre: Drama, Magical Realism, Hip Hop, Dance

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Country: Dominican Republic


Director(s): Juan Antonio Bisonó

Producer(s): Ricky Gluski

Cast: Damián Alcázar, Rita Indiana, Omar Augusto, Rebecca Dalmasi, Isabel Spencer, Héctor Aníbal, Richardson Cruz, Vicente Santos, Omar Agusto, Joey Rodríguez

Contacto(s): Lone Coconut

Juan Antonio Bisonó

Juan Antonio Bisonó is a Dominican film director. He studied English literature and film direction in the United States, endorsement with which he entered as a professor in the area of ​​Intec University. After returning from his studies in Miami (Florida), he set out to make a more artistic and educational type of cinema. His first feature film “Mosh” premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt (2019). He currently owns Cinematography La Felicidad.


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