Remake of the Colombian movie “The Hidden Face” – Shattered by the unexpected news of their irreversible break-up, an aspiring orchestra conductor is puzzled by his girlfriend’s mysterious and seemingly inexplicable case of disappearance. But, can he look beyond the facts?


Year: 2019

Runtime: 105 min

Category: (NC-17)

Genre: Drama

Language: Spanish


Country: Colombia


Director(s): Jorge Michel Grau


Cast: José María de Tavira, Paulina Dávila, Cristina Rodlo, Luis Fernando Peña, Claudette Mallé, Juan Carlos Colombo, Paulette Hernández, Sonia Franco

Contact(s): Cinépolis

Jorge Michel Grau

Jorge Michel Grau obtains a B.A. in Communication from the National Autonomous University of Mexico from 1994-1998 and then graduates with honors in Film Direction from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC); in his professional career he has started as a producer of documentaries and cultural and educational television programs. Jorge has participated as a production manager on several films produced by the Mexican Film Institute, the CCC as well as independent productions.


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