Welcome Message
Dr. Leonel Fernández

The Global Film Festival is celebrating its twelfth edition with a long list of achievements and protagonists. International and Dominican artists who have left their mark here as they passed through Santo Domingo and the other cities where the Festival was held are the best evidence of the quality that has been achieved at this film event, organized by the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE).

After twelve years of sustained work, we can confirm that the objective of putting the Dominican Republic on the map of the region’s film festivals has been fulfilled. This contribution is of major importance because, as we have said and reaffirm on this ideal occasion, cinema can elevate the country and generate wealth, while at the same time, enabling us to reflect on issues that positively or negatively impact human beings in their various roles. Film enables us to travel to other worlds, learn about other cultures, see ourselves reflected in the lives of others and to learn that there are many ways to live and confront the permanent challenge of evolving as human beings.

While President of the Dominican Republic, we proposed the promulgation of the Film Law that would enable the promotion of the local film industry and attract international productions. As a think tank, FUNGLODE contributed by stimulating the debate about what, at the time, was a legislative project. At the same time, through the Global Film Festival and the Global Media Arts Institute (IGM), the project of attracting young talent and teaching them about making good movies continued.

Reaching the goal of seeing the Dominican Republic as a national and international film production center is still a major incentive of FUNGLODE’s work in various film areas, with the Global Film Festival as the flagship. With this focus, we would like to welcome everyone to this twelve edition of the film festival; we welcome its protagonists and invited guests to be part of this experience with the seventh art.

Santo Domingo will become from January 27 to February 2 in a scenario in which we are all invited.

I invite you to be spectators and at the same time front-line actors of this new cultural experience offered by the Global Film Festival. Volunteers, guest artists, audiences, filmmakers and investors have a unique opportunity to enjoy and contribute during the eight days of activities that the Festival will have.

Leonel Fernández
President of FUNGLODE

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