Welcome Message
Marco Herrera

The Fundacion Global Democracia y Desarrollo is proud and satisfied to present the new edition of the Global Film Festival to the Dominican and Latin American public. We are offering this twelve cultural festival under a new modality: we are inviting all of you who view yourselves as lovers of the seventh art to join us at this event, created by FUNGLODE with hard work and dedication for the past eleven years, and to make this initiative your own.

Each year, more and more film fans anxiously await the festival. Months prior, this burning question is asked by people from all sectors: “What movies is the FUNGLODE Festival bringing this year?”. We are now proposing that this initiative not be attributed exclusively to FUNGLODE. Our intention is that all Dominicans become active participants in the festival. From this moment on, the Global Film Festival will not just belong to FUNGLODE; the Festival is now the property of all film buffs and all those who work for and who cast their fate with the successful development of the film industry in the Dominican Republic. This is, “Our Festival.”

As owners of the Global Film Festival, we will be totally involved in it, support it with the same enthusiasm as the past eleven years and will yearly make every effort to improve it. We intend to make this now symbolic cultural festival, the distinguished and emblematic film and audiovisual event in the Dominican Republic.

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your festival.

Marco Herrera
FUNGLODE Executive Director

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