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Omar de la Cruz

Once again we are in this Festival of cinema for the Dominican Republic and as director of the Global Film Festival I must point out that I feel satisfied for the present, for the reach that this year have reached the Dominican filmmakers who have evolved exponentially with more stories authentic, own and with more solid stories.

Regarding the future, I must point out the challenge that the new generations have extraordinary access to technology. Children at an early age already have access to telephones, cameras, and video applications, they are not afraid to create and that is why the film market in ten or fifteen years will be filled by young people trained in their homes, with mobile devices. The FCG team is committed to continuing supporting those generations that will be the protagonists of Dominican cinema during the second half of the 21st century.

Once again I say it, we make a festival because we are committed to the idea that cinema consolidates, as perhaps no other of the arts, the creation of a country brand. The benefits of the seventh art for the Dominican Republic – and this is known by the Anglo-Saxon market and applied with Hollywood – allow us to stand on the international stage, project our people, our destinies and our identity.

Then we arrived at the thirteen years of the Global Film Festival, accredited by the International Federation of Cinematographic Producers’ Associations (FIAPF, for its acronym in French), a distinction that came to us in 2017 as a result of the commitment we have sustained for more than one year. decade, with the aim that our industry had a space and a platform dedicated to training, professionalization, and realization of projects that enhance our culture, our way of living and our stories but, in turn, served as a push to internationalize and connect with a demanding world of “Global issues, personal stories”, as our premise points out.

I can only thank the president of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (Funglode), Dr. Leonel Fernández, for being the main driver of this development and all our sponsoring friends, members of the press, collaborating friends and volunteers who allow us every year continue to build a week of endless emotions.

Thank you very much and Tamo in cinema!

Omar de la Cruz
Director of the Global Film Festival

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