Welcome Message
Manuel Corripio

Welcome to the Dominican Republic to all the special guests who are going to share these days at the Global Film Festival. I hope that in addition to recognizing the beauties of this country and the hospitality of its people, you can recognize that the cinema in the Dominican Republic is an industry of the future, in which we can invest, the incentives of the law allow, surely some who visit us have already benefited from that incentive, make use of them, not only from the perspective of the economic issue but also by the amount of talent and resources that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Usually the countries tend to show their tragedy, but the Dominican Republic has been able to tell its history from the point of view of humor, the beauty of the island, therefore I think there is something more that transcends, such as its diversity of climate, geographic zones, environment, always showing the attractive Dominican Republic and looking for a positive effect on tourism.

The Global Film Festival continues to be tenacious, because it has been maintained over time by pursuing various elements, such as: that Dominicans enjoy good cinema, that this notoriety event will make the Dominican Republican ideal destination for creating films, to form a link between producers, distributors, and exhibitors, so that it can transcend and spread what is the Dominican cinema.

I am sure you will enjoy your stay and that will contribute, with each of the businesses that you have, in the development of this industry.

Manuel Corripio
Advisory committee president

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