Dr. Leonel Fernandez

The Santo Domingo Global Film Festival reaches its fourteenth edition with many achievements and protagonists. The international artists and Dominicans who have left their mark during their time in Santo Domingo and the other cities that have hosted the Festival are the best evidence of the quality achieved by the cinematographic meeting organized by the Global Democracy and Development Foundation ( Funglode).


Manuel Corripio

Welcome to the Dominican Republic, to all the special guests, who will share these days at the Santo Domingo Global Film Festival. I hope that in addition to recognizing the beauties of this country and the hospitality of its people, you recognize that cinema in the Dominican Republic is an industry of the future, in which you can invest, the incentives of the law allow it, surely some who visit us have already benefited from this incentive, make use of it, not only from the economic perspective, but also because of the amount of talent and resources that the Dominican Republic has to offer you.


Marco Herrera

The Global Democracy and Development Foundation is filled with pride and satisfaction by presenting to the Dominican public and all of Latin America, a new edition of the Santo Domingo Global Film Festival; We offer this fourteenth cultural festival to the country, inviting everyone who loves the seventh art to take advantage of this event, to make this initiative their own that, with so much effort and dedication, Funglode has created and developed over the last fourteen years.


omar de la cruz

Once again we find ourselves at this film festival for the Dominican Republic and as director of the Santo Domingo Global Film Festival I must point out that I feel satisfied with the present, with the reach that Creole filmmakers have achieved in these years, who have evolved exponentially with more authentic, own stories with more solid stories.


Marianna Vargas

We congratulate the Santo Domingo Global Film Festival (FCGSD), which reaches its 14th edition, while expressing the pride we feel in having a film event that seeks to contribute to the development of the Dominican film industry.